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  • Mike Nelson

Our group is growing!!

Hi everyone! it is so wonderful and exciting to me to see just how far we have come in only one year!!! I have been adding new contacts to my emailing list almost monthly and happily we have thirty-six members!! That is substantial and it makes me really happy for us as a group.

I want to pose a challenge to all of us and see if we can each think of,and find at least four persons that we believe would enjoy being part of this group. Imagine if all thirty-six invited four persons; and they all accepted, we would have 144 new members!! That would make us 180 people that have an interest in this terrible tragedy.

I am gong to think hard about this and do my inviting, and hopefully all of you will do the same and then by next year I can say write in our newsletter that we have well over 100 members!! This would be a true blessing for Thanksgiving for our group. ~Barbara Nelson~

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