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 If you have questions or comments; or you would simply like to talk, please contact us at:
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    If you are interested in joining our group, you can do so here.

    Our group is for anyone who is concerned with what happened on June 30, 1956 at the confluence of the rivers in Grand Canyon. To join requires no dues or fees, only the sincere interest in what happened to the 128 lives lost that day. Below is a spot for adding a bit of information about your interest, connection to the victims, etc.
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    Barbara Nelson 

    Thanks for joining us!

    *** We accept donations to sustain our group. We are now a loose branch of the GCHS and they are currently handling our funds for us, chiefly through Robert Lauzon if you would like to support the group and our mission of  preserving the history of this tragic accident

    Robert Lauzon, Treasurer of GCHS
    P.O.Box 1667
    Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023 

    ***Please note: any donations made are anonymous and a memo should be included that the donation is for the Patrons of the 1956 Grand Canyon Midair Collision, but checks should be made out to Grand Canyon Historical Society

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