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Photographs of the National Historic Landmark  commemoration of the crash sites

at Desert View Overlook amphitheater.

On Monday, June 30, 2014, the 1956 Grand Canyon TWA-United Air Lines aviation accident site was designated a National Historic Landmark. 

View of the Grand Canyon behind where the speakers would be.

Milton Tso, Navajo Nation Cameron Chapter President, provided spiritual music before the ceremony.

David Uberuaga, Superintendent, National Park Service, Grand Canyon National Park welcomed everyone.

Wayne Ranney, President of Grand Canyon Historical Society spoke about the significance of the disaster.

Ron Lee, District Director, Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick's Office

Clint Chandler, Regional Director, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's Office.

Glen Miller, Acting Regional Administrator, Western-Pacific Region, Federal Aviation Administration.

Laura Joss, Deputy Regional Director, Intermountain Region, National Park Service.

Mike Nelson, nephew of United Air Lines passenger Jack B. Groshans, and author of "We Are Going In".

Dave Uberuaga summarized what the other speakers had said.

Martin Tso played spiritual Navajo music again.

The unveiling of the bronze plaque that would later be fastened to a limestone milled boulder nearer to the prime overlook point at Desert View.

The commemorative bronze plaque

The general crash area, as seen from Desert View. The planes came to earth in the bottom third of the photo favoring the right.

In the midst of the ceremony (courtesy of Mike O'Quinn).

Interview of Ray Cook, son of United passenger, L. David Cook, Jr.

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