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Hostess Janice Heiser, who was a passenger on the TWA  L-1049 Constellation. She was not on duty on Flight 2.

(Photographs are courtesy of her niece, Erika Pond)

Ray O. Lasby (left) and Thomas J. Sulpizio (right) were both aboard the United DC-7 Mainliner.

(photo courtesy of Mr. Sulpizio's son, Thomas E. Sulpizio)

Thomas J. Sulpizio with his 5-month old son, Thomas Sulpizio, Jr.

(photo courtesy of Thomas E. Sulpizio )

Photograph (on the left) was taken in Santa Monica, California on June 29, 1956, one day before the fatal crash that took these men's lives; Thomas J. Sulpizio (left) and Ray O. Lasby (right). The company employee ID card belonging to Mr. Sulpizio from Rheem Manufacturing Company where he worked as an engineer in their Engineering Development Division.                                           (photos provided by Thomas E. Sulpizio) 

      United's Flight Engineer Giardo  X. Fiore, in casual photographs as well as a photograph from a family members wedding (centered).  In the family photograph, Mr. Fiore is the second man in from the left.             

(Photos courtesy of Mr. Fiore's nephew, John L. Hasha) 

 Mrs. Virginia Goppert (above) was aboard TWA Flight 2 with her niece Miss Sally Cressman, (below). They were going home from visiting Virginia's daughter, Nancy and her husband. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton, in San Diego. Mrs. Goppert was from Kansas City and Miss Cressman was from Leavenworth.
 (Photos courtesy of Virginia's granddaughter, and Sally's second cousin, Sallie Pine) 

Jack Groshans was aboard the United DC-7 plane bound for Chicago.

(Photo courtesy of his nephew, Mike Nelson)

The above photograph is Virginia Goppert. The lower photograph is her niece Sally Ann Cressman. The two woman were traveling together on TWA Flight 2.

(Photos are courtesy of Jeff Pine, grandson of Virginia and cousin to Sally)

Margaret A. Shoudt, one of the stewardesses aboard United 718.

(Photo courtesy of her late brother' belongings)

James Joseph Jang was a passenger aboard the TWA 1049 Constellation. He was  traveling on business and was heading to Kansas City. These photographs are of Mr. Jang  and his lovely wife Etta Jang.

(Photographs is courtesy of the Jang Family)

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